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Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia


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Book Description:

(UK: Chrome Dreams, 2009; 304 pages, PB. ISBN: 978-1842404645)

Having been together for more than a quarter of a century, Bon Jovi are rightfully seen as true survivors in an industry that has a nasty habit of chewing up and spitting out even the most talented artists. Whatever it is that has made Jovi a truly magnificent band is revealed in the Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia via numerous entries, presented in A-Z format, which cover just about everything any fan could wish to know. Features every song they've recorded, members past and present, tours, gigs, associated bands and even dolls.




"Neil Daniels has done an amazing job putting together his latest book, The Bon Jovi Encyclopedia. His attention to detail is inspiring and his ability to know everything anyone could ever want to know about Bon Jovi impressive. The book is perfect for sitting on the can and learning about one of the most successful bands in American pop music. The book features tour recaps, album reviews and interviews. It also contains a treasure trove of facts and happenings that only the most loyal BJ fan (I like to call the band BJ) could know."

Jeb Wright – Classic Rock Revisited (


"With Daniels' Bon Jovi effort we get nearly 300 pages of facts and information on one of the worlds biggest, and best loved, rock bands. Written in a concise yet informative manner, the entries follow the A-Z format and cover the bands entire career- including every band recording, tour date and much more."

Nikki Gunns – Get Ready To Rock (


"Considering I am arguably a bigger Bon Jovi supporter than my esteemed SoT colleagues, I was assigned to review this 284-page A-to-Z distillation of everything Bon Jovi. From lengthy band-member profiles, album reviews and tour dates to affiliated artists, songwriting collaborators and significant venues, author Neil Daniels leaves practically no territory uncovered...The Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia should please serious fans. And like all decent rock books, it generates renewed interest in the music. I even pulled out some CDs I hadn't spun in years, namely the solo debuts of Jon Bon Jovi (Blaze Of Glory) and Richie Sambora (Stranger In The This Town)."

Michael Popke – Sea Of Tranquillity (


" is clear a lot of time and effort went into the project, and one cannot help but be impressed with the detail and enormity of it. Casual fans and anyone interested in learning about the band will find the Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia an ideal place to start. Diehard fans will enjoy reliving some of the key moments of Bon Jovi's history in this unique biography, as well as perhaps learning a few details they didn't know and gaining some fresh insights into the band."

Lee-Ann Khoh - (



 "Featuring first hand and exclusive interviews, hundreds of photographs and up-to-date research, it covers all you need to know about the New Jersey stadium is essential reading for all those keeping the faith."

John Damon – Big Cheese


"As an absolute anorak and stickler for detail I enjoyed the bits about record company people, producers, engineers and others that were previously just names I half-remembered from album sleeves... I was surprised to see entries for the likes of Rush, Kid Rock and even ex-US Vice President Al Gore, and interview snippets from journalists, many of whom don't seem to like Jon very much, but the attention to detail is immense and it's an easy read that you can digest in small chunks, or just flick through until something catches your eye... The Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia is a great idea and one I hope will be applied to other artists with the same gusto and expertise."

Phil Ashcroft – Fireworks


"LOVE Bon Jovi and have nothing to read on the loo? Then you need this book. ...the titbit nature is fun enough, and have you ORLYing contently to yourself.

James Gill – Metal Hammer


"A book that's fun to dip into and which drove me back to the music, this will be a must for fans, but surprisingly good for just rock lovers too."

Steve Swift – Powerplay


"If you're a Bon Jovi fan then you're going to find a lot to dive into within these pages. Prolific rock and metal author Neil Daniels does a very good job in detailing a veritable smorgasbord of the events, places, people, releases and merchandises of the band, the writer displaying his customary attention to detail and enthusiasm for accuracy."

Joe Shooman – Record Collector



 "The Bon Jovi Encyclopaedia by Neil Daniels came in the post today. I'd done an interview for Neil which I'd forgotten about. Now before you scoff while playing your Neil Young CDs, it is a good book if you like JBJ (In A Blaze Of Glory). Lots of facts etc – good and bad and it beats a lot of the books on Led Zeppelin that always get it wrong. Neil's missed out a few people that should have been in it but that's a minor quibble. It's published by Chrome Dreams who are in New Malden, down the road from me, in a Blaze Of Glory of course..."

Ross Halfin – Photographer (




i recently buy bon jovi encyclopaedia
it's very good
i find one mistake:
in keep the faith tour you write that bon jovi play gig in poland and
that sadly it's not truth
they been once in poland in 2000 to receive gold disc for crush

Krzysztof Kolata



Congratulations for your work, I admired its professional quality. I would like to tell my story briefly and ask you a help if possible. I have 37 years, I am doctor and musician in Brazil. I am a fan of the band Bon Jovi for over 20 years. My life was followed by songs of them. My greatest dream of my life is out of Brazil and meet with me some of them (Jon or Richie and others). I went twice to the United States and could not. I work for free for them as a doctor or a guitar tech.RSRSRS.
I would like to know if you with your contacts with the band could help me. Thank you very much!

Alexandre Augusto Berni



I wanted to ask you about your book. I'm a huge Jovi fan, and wanted to know if you included the subject of fan fiction? Also, did you talk to any fans for the book, or just people associated with the band?
I'm not in the fan club, but I run my own fan message board and I'm a "fan fic" writer. I've been a fan since Slippery When Wet. I'm not what some of us fans call a "kool-aide drinker" though. I'm your normal everyday person, not an obsessed stalker type psycho (although, I have joked that if Jon didn't live so far away and I wasn't so broke, he'd have a restraining order against I work in radio. I'm the afternoon traffic reporter for the local Clear Channel radio stations here, and the night time air personality for one of them. I've never had the priviledge of meeting the guys, but I've always wanted to.
I'm also a published author. Actually, one of my fan fics was so loved by fellow fans that I changed the names and the Bon Jovi specific stuff and sent it to a publisher and the rest as you say is history. Although, as an inside joke to all my fellow fans...I left one of the "Jon"s in there.
When does your book come out? I would love to buy one.
Thanks for your time,

Terri England


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