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Correspondence From Readers

What follows is all the correspondence I have received from people who have read my books and articles. I have not made any changes to the emails (grammar, punctuation or otherwise) and they are laid out chronologically within order of each publication.



JJ Abrams Final Front Cover



To who it may ever concern.

My name is Keiran Foord.

I'm 18 years old and bought the J.J. Abrams biography, which I loved from start to finish but couldn't help at notice a few mistakes or stuff that was missing out of it.
In the Credits J.J. Abrams produced Mission Impossible Rogue Nation but it wasn't listed as a film he did. Also in the last chapter it says that Mission Impossible Rogue Nation was released in December in cinema along with Star Wars, but it was released on the 22nd of August. It was released in December on DVD.
I know they aren't major mistakes or things that you have missed out but its just a few things that I thought you should know that you may have missed out in the book.
Thank you very much

Keiran Lee Foord.  

Iron Maiden Origins Front Cover FINAL



Hello, im from Brazil. I read his book and the part that talks about Virtual tour has a note on the Campinas show in December 1998 , this show I was there and did not. It was canceled because the stage was too small for band perform . Anyway , there was no show on that date. I loved your book , hugs .

See you!

Fabio Maglio




Greetings Mr. Daniels,

Just a quick note to let you know I just finished your book on UFO, great stuff, can't teach an old Mogg new tricks ! Ha!

Michael Hannon
Columbus, Ohio



Hello again Neil! I just finished your UFO book (devoured it actually) and thoroughly enjoyed it...great primer for new and old fans alike. While I've always been a fan, I've taken the full obsessive plunge this past several months and am now going through every nook and cranny of the catalog and filling the numerous holes in my collection (and your book supplemented that effort nicely).

Nice to see your use of my quotes from the Parker interview I did a few years back...especially since I don't do a lot of writing these days, BUT I'm actually interviewing Andy again tomorrow...combined with an emaile interview I did with Vinnie I'll be putting something together for

Really just wanted to say hello and say nice work with the book.


Scott Alisoglu



I've just got hold of a copy of High Stakes and Dangerous Men and have started reading it before work. Looks like a great book. Like you I have felt frustrated over the years how UFO never got the recognition they always deserved. I've been a fan for 40 years now, have collected all their records and cds etc and continually go and see them touring. I saw them 3 times on the same tour in 2011-2012 over here in Cambridge and Norwich and prior to that at a small venue in Londonderry, New Hampshire at the Tupelo Music Hall which was fantastic (I'd geared our month long holiday around Vermont to see Molly Hatchett and New Hampshire to see Moggy and co.).

The good thing is they are once again touring over here next year so it'll be the Waterfront, Norwich on 16th April for me.

I could type for hours on the subject of UFO, their line ups (especially guitar players) over the years but I wouldn't know where to stop......... just to mention Schenker, who with age gets better now off the drugs and booze will be appearing at the The O2 in Shepherds Bush London on 20th December.

Be there


Nigel Park




PS Page 8 mentions UFO 2 being called Space Rock - my album sleeve is Space Metal !!! Don't worry I'm not going to critique the whole book I think its great someone has produced something as good as you have

Many thanks



(Facebook Message)

Neil, I started reading your Pantera book today. So far so good. I was surprised to see you included more of my quotes than I expected you would. I am still waiting for the UFO book to come out on Kindle. I am too old and decrepit to read the small print of paperback books!

Damon Duperre



(Facebook Message)

Don't tell anyone I said anything nice about another author's book...It's bad for my image...but I really enjoyed the UFO book. Really took me back to the Bushell era of Sounds where Pete Way's stripey trousers seemed to be on the cover every week. Good work.

David Nolan



Hi Neil,

My name is Cameron Davidson and I am the photographer whose images were used in the reissues of /No Heavy Petting/ and /Phenomenon/. I just finished your /High Stakes and Dangerous Men/. It is an excellent companion to Martin Popoff’s book. Toward the end of the book, you mention the venue /JAXX/ and state that it is in West Virginia. /JAXX /was located in Springfield, Virginia. (just outside of Washington DC) /JAXX/ is now called /The Wild West/. Delightful book. I’ve photographed Michael several times and spent a day with Pete when he and Michael were recording The Plot. I was saddened to read about his liver disease.



(Facebook Message)

Hey Neil, just saw you put up a review for the Pantera book and it made me remember; I loved the book, but the one glaring error was something about Marty Friedman playing on "I'm Broken" - that mystified me as I'm pretty sure it never was the case.

Michael Christopher



(Facebook Message)

Neil, I started reading your Pantera book today. So far so good. I was surprised to see you included more of my quotes than I expected you would. I am still waiting for the UFO book to come out on Kindle. I am too old and decrepit to read the small print of paperback books!

Damon Duperre



(Facebook Message)

Just got done reading Reinventing Metal. I am a huge fan of Pantera. The band changed me as a person and saved me in alot of ways. I just have a few things: 1) on page 120, you said that the song "The Badge" was axed from The Crow soundtrack, but everyone that I know, including myself, who own it, can tell you that it's on there, for sure. 2) on page 209 you refer to Pantera playing a song called "Respect". Is this someone else's song? I ask because throughout their whole catalog they never released such a song. And 3) in my own opinion you tended to give your own opinion about "Far Beyond Driven" when you gave the track-by-track description of the album. You actually gave the album and some of the songs a negative review as opposed to the other albums in which you didn't even seem to give any of your own opinion at all. I am not bashing the book what so ever. I actually liked it and am very happy in your potrayal of the band and the way you treated the facts. Just had to say something. Thank you for your time. A True Pantera Fan

Rob Simple




Hi Neil

Hope you’re well.

My name is Scott and I’ve been an Iron Maiden fan since the late 80’s.

I came across your book a few weeks ago (Iron Maiden Updated) and just felt compelled to send you an e mail.

What a fantastic read !!!!!

There is so much detail in your book especially for a fan like myself.

Just wanted to say thank you and a massive well done for pulling together such a detailed and compelling book for us Maiden fans.

The first time I saw Maiden was in 1990 on the ‘No Prayer’ tour but your book has opened up everything that came before this.

Thanks for rekindling so many memories

Scott McCabe



Hi Neil
Recently I have read your book Iron Maiden: The Ultimate unauthorized Biography. A great and well made book, I really enjoyed reading it.
I found a little mistake in the tour date section of 1990. In fall 1990 the band annonced a show in Bern, Festhalle (Switzerland) on 24th November 1990. The show was sold out within a couple of days (I had a ticket for it), so a second shows was added soon. This show took place on the 17th November 1990 also in Bern, Festhalle. I'm sure because I saw promotion for this show and some friends went to that show. During the show on 23rd November 1990 in Saarbrücken (Germany) Bruce got in trouble with his voice. Unfortunately the next scheduled show in Bern on 24th November got canceled in short term. Needless to say that I was very disappointed about that. Luckily the band came back to the same place almost one year later on 9th September 1991, with a slightly different setlist including „The Prisoner“ :-)
Kind regards,
Martin Berger



(Facebook Message)

Hi Neil, thanks for adding me, I have your hardback book of Iron Maiden the Unauthorized History and thought it was excellent. I have just ordered your Killers book, so I cannot wait for that. What is your connection with the band if at all?

Rob King



Dear Neil,
I hope this email finds you well.
I have been enjoying your history of Iron Maiden especially as I am the drummer in an Iron Maiden tribute in the UK Noticed your book on You Me At Six for my Daughter, but Amazon is showing this is not available. Can I buy a copy from you directly at all please?
Many thanks

Elliott Porter 




I, also, hope that it will tell the TRUTH behind Perry's comings and goings..... not what is "allowed" to be printed. We've had far too may rumours and tittle-tattle over the decades. Somehow I'm not optimistic though!

Andrea Hallam


If there is good dirt on why my favorite singers Robert Fleischman and Jeff Scott Soto were kicked out of the band then im buying it.
I hope this isnt a book that had to be picked apart and fine tooth combed by Cain and Schon before us fans hear the real deal.
I'll need to hear this is a good account and not censored before any money leaves my wallet.



Hi Neil,
I'm a huge Journey / Perry fan from Australia, can't wait for your book on the band to be released.



Dear Sir,
i am a huge fan of Journey, their music, programmes, tshirts, 7″ singles, promos, cds, 12″, posters etc etc
i definately want your book when it comes out. Spoke to Bryan Adams a few years ago about his experience on tour with them and have spent hours backstage taliking o Neal Scon at various concerts throught he years in the UK and US





Hi Neil. I got your book last weekend and have just finished it, thoroughly enjoyed it. Am 47 years old so can remember Sounds, Kerrangg! etc. Really good times! Anyway, as I said, a really great book, keep up the good work.
All the best,

Andy Bolton



Hi Your book sounds very interesting, but I must add a little disappointment – where is Kelv Hellrazer?! He kept the hard rock flag flying more than almost all the others (and unlike some of them, did not lose interest in hard rock/metal when it was less fashionable!) Anyway, congratulations on the endeavour otherwise!

John Watson



Hi Neil:
I just got your book APB. Great read!!
It is a very interesting perspective and I think that Christe commented on it in his interview. The UK Metal press was so much more mainstream! The vast majority of these writers had virtually no exposure over here in North America. Their respective mags were hard to find and/or expensive imports, especially here in Western Canada. Even now the big mags are not racked in regular stores, they are imports/specialties only.
From reading the interviews, the UK scene seems to be a very inter-locked with many writers having quibbles and/or jumping back and forth for competing magazines.
I think if you do Part II you could interview some of the big next generation writers/authors and specifically web-zine owner/operators. And...hate to say it...larger font! It was a tough read at times.
Overall it was very interesting and it is a great addition to the library.
Keep up the great work,

Joshua Wood




i recently buy bon jovi encyclopaedia
it's very good
i find one mistake:
in keep the faith tour you write that bon jovi play gig in poland and
that sadly it's not truth
they been once in poland in 2000 to receive gold disc for crush

Krzysztof Kolata


Congratulations for your work, I admired its professional quality. I would like to tell my story briefly and ask you a help if possible. I have 37 years, I am doctor and musician in Brazil. I am a fan of the band Bon Jovi for over 20 years. My life was followed by songs of them. My greatest dream of my life is out of Brazil and meet with me some of them (Jon or Richie and others). I went twice to the United States and could not. I work for free for them as a doctor or a guitar tech.RSRSRS.
I would like to know if you with your contacts with the band could help me. Thank you very much!

Alexandre Augusto Berni


I wanted to ask you about your book. I'm a huge Jovi fan, and wanted to know if you included the subject of fan fiction? Also, did you talk to any fans for the book, or just people associated with the band?
I'm not in the fan club, but I run my own fan message board and I'm a "fan fic" writer. I've been a fan since Slippery When Wet. I'm not what some of us fans call a "kool-aide drinker" though. I'm your normal everyday person, not an obsessed stalker type psycho (although, I have joked that if Jon didn't live so far away and I wasn't so broke, he'd have a restraining order against I work in radio. I'm the afternoon traffic reporter for the local Clear Channel radio stations here, and the night time air personality for one of them. I've never had the priviledge of meeting the guys, but I've always wanted to.
I'm also a published author. Actually, one of my fan fics was so loved by fellow fans that I changed the names and the Bon Jovi specific stuff and sent it to a publisher and the rest as you say is history. Although, as an inside joke to all my fellow fans...I left one of the "Jon"s in there.
When does your book come out? I would love to buy one.
Thanks for your time,

Terri England




Hi Neil
I have just read your book on Robert Plant and I can provide you with some information about his early years.
I attended King Edward VI Grammar school in Stourbridge and Robert was a year above me.
You state that he lived in Kidderminster and several books seem to state this. The most recent one I have read is the Richard Cole book and he says Kidderminster but certainly in his teenage years he lived in Halesowen. I knew him to talk to and frequently travelled on the same bus when I was 13-15.
I had 2 possible routes to and from school by bus either into the centre of Halesowen or going via Hagley. It depended on both times of buses and where the girls were that I had an interest in. It was usually on the return route through Hagley when I used to talk to him.
Robert lived on Causey Farm Road in Hayley Green which is a suburb of Halesowen about 2 miles from the centre heading out towards Kidderminster. I lived about a mile away.
I used to play cricket in my teens and one of the members at the cricket club lived next door to the Plants and used to complain about the "long haired louts".
A friend of mine now lives at 55 Causey Farm Road and he says the Plants used to live quite close to where he lives.
I can not confirm at what age he moved there. I am certain that he did not go to the same junior school as me which was in Hasbury which is the next district to Hayley Green heading towards the town centre.
I do know that they were a Catholic family as Robert and a few others were excused attending the morning assembly at school and used to come in after the short service to hear any announcements. I have a vague recollection that he went to the Roman Catholic junior school in Hagley which is a couple of miles from Halesowen on the way towards Kidderminster but I may be wrong on that.
I do still have the school photograph with Robert on.
There was another boy at the school Malcolm Plant who lived near the centre of Halesowen and I think he was a cousin.
I knew about his interest in the blues and his early singles but did not know what had happened to him until I went to see the New Yardbirds at Liverpool University. We had gone along expecting to hear the Yardbirds' hits but what we got was the material from the first Led Zeppelin album. I spent the evening trying to work out if it was Robert singing with the band.
I believe that this was the last gig they played as the New Yardbirds and changed the name the following day to Led Zeppelin.
I note on page 56 that it refers to Led Zeppelin playing with Blodwyn Pig at Mothers in Birmingham in March 1969. They toured with Blodwyn Pig and the Liverpool Scene a few months later and I saw the tour at Birmingham Town Hall on 13 June 1969. The memories are a bit vague after 40 years but it was one of the best concerts I have been to as there were 3 good bands and I had seen both Blodwyn Pig and the Liverpool Scene before that concert and
were both bands that I liked.
You also refer to his farm nestling on the Welsh border. Wolverley is a good 30 miles from the Welsh border.
There is a private school in Wolverley and a friend sent her 3 children there. She did some teaching there a few years ago (cannot recall exactly but some time this century) and she taught his youngest son.
I trust you find the above to be of interest

Gordon Cleugh



Hi Neil
I picked your book up in Waterstones today and nearly bought it!
I quickly turned to the pages where you mention "Priory of Brion", read that the first gig was on Bewdley Tennis Court, and decided not to buy it due to it possibly containing more inaccuracies!!
However, upon reflection, and checking out your website, this is most unfair of me. I will no doubt buy a copy within the next couple of days.
As a matter of interest, the first gig by "Priory of Brion" was during the interval of my band's gig at Bewdley High School. Robert played tennis briefly at Bewdley Tennis Club, and organised a few fund raising gigs using my band, plus a comedian etc. I won't bore you with too much detail!
Have a look at my website There are a few pictures in the "Gallery Section" of Robert at various gigs (including a Bewdley High School one) with me.

Bev Pegg



I saw Led Zep at Earl's Court as a sixth former so I will soon join the ranks of the old farts!
I must say that I really enjoyed your book on Robert Plant. I certainly am not a fan of a lot of Rock but I will be recommending your book to everyone. I am a great fan of graphic novels also and will be looking at your alan moore article soon

Colin Washington



(The best email I've ever had! Brilliant!)

This is the worst book I have ever read. You cobbed this together to cash in on the O2 fever. You obviously know NOTHING about R.P. OR led zeppelin. You are a fraud and a thief for taking peoples money for this CRAP. Film Studies indeed. Stick to that, because you are not an author. Just a fucking WANKER!!!!!!!!

StL Guy 




Hi Neil,
First off, just wanted to say what a fan I am of your books. I love the Alan Atkins book and also your judas priest defenders book. Great and very in depth. Been a priest fan for 30 yrs.
I'm very interested to know if your new priest scrapbook book is a compilation of content from the aforementioned 2 Books or something different?
Mark Rumble



Hi Neil!
I'm a Spanish Judas Priest and I've just seen there's an updated reissue of this book. I've got no opportunity to look inside of the book cause I live very far from UK. I've tried to do it online on, but it didn't work. Please, could you send me just 1 page to see something different from the cover? If it likes me, I promise you to buy the book
Thanks in advance

Rafa Carrillo


I've just finished reading Defenders of the Faith and I'd like to thank you for undertaking the project in the first place – it's an absolutely massive undertaking and you've delivered a really great piece of work. Congratulations!
Just a few notes about the band from a fan's first ever gig of any band was Judas Priest on December 20th 1983 at Leicester De Montfort Hall. A few of us went up on the reain from Wellingborough (near Northampton) and my abiding memory was the sheer volume of the thing – I was 16 at the time and my ear drums had never had such an assault. My Dad came to pick us didn't do much for him but now I'm of a similar age I want more!
Since then I think I've seen them another 8 or 9 times, the highlights being Forest National in Brussels in 1986, the Brixton Academy show in 2001, Manchester Apollo on the Angel of Retribution Tour in 2005 where Rob conclusively proved that he has still "got it", Royal Albert Hall in 2006 and this year on my 41st birthday I took my whole family to Prague so I could go and see them at Liberec Arena on July 3rd. Wow! Those Czech lads really rock.
My aim is to acquire all the cds, dvds from Priest and Rob's bands. I've got all the obvious stuff – about 50 cds in total but your comprehensive discography has set me a new challenge, especially the Al Atkins catalogue.
Anyway, thanks again for your contribution to the history of the greatest of all bands. I'll be looking out for more of your output in future.

Tim Leleux


Hello, Neil-
I googled you after a friend sent an online blurb to me concerning Dave Holland. I read it with great interest. Dave (as well as Mel and Glenn) is an old friend of mine. I was stunned and shocked when I read the news reports about his situation. Glenn has remained tight-lipped about Dave - at least publicly. Mel is dealing with his own mortality at the moment, so I surely didn't want to bring up and bad or sad news at this point in his life. I get updated on a semi-regular basis on Mel from his wife and son, but don't want to bring up Dave at all. I have always found it difficult to imagine Dave as the press have painted him. I've known his since the 70′s, through Trapeze mostly, and then crossed paths with him occasionally when he was doing his stint with Rob and the boyz. Of course I have no way to actually "get to" Dave at present, and wondered how much contact you have with him currently. If you do I would greatly appreciate it if you'd pass along my best wishes to him, so he knows somebody out here" is thinking about him. I don't know how much technology they allow him access to as well, but if he DOES have access he can email me if he wishes. I've thought of him a lot in recent years, mostly due to the tragic nature of his current situation. I have always maintained his innocence to others who ask about him, knowing that we once were buddies. Do you know when he is scheduled to be released? It's difficult to follow the situation solely from cruising the Internet. I've run across other people who have speculated on his plight, and consider all of it to be fodder for the rumor mill at best. I would like nothing more than for him to be found innocent of charges. I appreciate your time to read this, and hope that if you have the opportunity to tell Dave I've asked about him, you will do so. If I were him – in jail – I'd appreciate any comments from friends who are concerned about me and my situation.
Thanks in advance,

Bob Ketchum


Hi Neil
I have a couple of small press cuttings which appeared in the Wolverhampton
Express & Star back in November/December ... mainly about Al Atkins.
Would you still like any such future material passed on to you for
reference purposes.
If not I will throw these out.
I am about half way through your book on Judas Priest and have found it
interesting and informative.
Due to home pressures it takes me ages to read any book as I can only
manage to snatch time to read a chapter at time.
That's all

Morris [Walker]



Hi Neil,
Just finished reading Defenders of the Faith & enjoyed every minute of it.
Looking through the tour dates on pp 236 I can confirm that Priest played Bournemouth Winter Gardens on 15th November. It wwas the first time I saw them – I would have gone to see them in Southampton on the previous tour but I got snowed in where I lived. You dont have Southampton listed for the Stained Class tour, but I did have a ticket & would presume it would have been the day before Portsmouth

Terry Johnson



My name is Jerry and I'm a big Swedish fan of Judas Priest. Today I've just finished your book "The story of Judas Priest" and I want to thank you for filling up some gaps. *laughing* It was an remarkable job you've done putting all these information together, and I liked the last pages where you've put all the albums, people and so on in biographical order.
I'm used to be called "The biggest Priest-fan in the world" by my friends and "He's the one who's defending Priest when we're not around" by Mr K.K. Downing himself and due to that I want to send you a present.
A copy of a Priest-tribute CD that you've missed in your book – Just as Priest "Released at least" from 1998. The most serious tribute band the, was.
Please send me your address and I'll post a copy of it asap.
Best regards

Jerry Orrebacken
Stockholm, Sweden



Merry xmas to you neil!
Last week i ordered never surrender, biffs book and defenders of the faith... from amazon, then went to llangollen, north wales for a few days.
I so, so enjoyed your book!! I have followed the priest since '79, it was such a joy to read the priest history, so much of it I remember. '81 at the front at Birmngham odeon aged 14, with accept as support, wata support band! etc etc! Your book was a tremendous read. I cite Ian Hill as one of my all time bass heroes, uncomplicated, but totally in time . AS is cliff williams. I was born in sutton coldfield as was Rob and I still live there to this day. Check out my band Agincourt, on myspace, Gary Bushell likes us and we did a session for radio 1 a few years ago
QUESTION:>>>When Rob left, we heard a rumour that the 'vocal vacancy was first given to Tony Mills, EX SHY, SIAM?? Apparently, due to him going to the press to soon, this was revoked??
Your priest book was wonderfull! Really enjoyed it, Ian still lives in Fradley, Staffs I believe, a place I know well. He was guest of honour at Neon studios opening in Burntwood a few years ago, top rehersal studios. Priest rehearsed at Neon during the owens'Ripper' era'. Mike Newey runs the place. Nice guy.
Have a great Xmas, Best wishes,

Russ Weaver


***The following emails are from readers who have either liked or disliked my reviews. Either way, they had enough time on their hands to contact me in the first place. It's sometimes amusing to read emails from people who really disagreed with me on an album or gig especially as they didn't read my original piece properly. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, though!***





Date: 11/09/05
Name: ?
Country: UK
Re: Terrorvision Gig
Message: I have just read the review of the Terrorvision gig in Manchester from April this year. I cant believe my eyes!!! If you were have been to observe the gig correctly I'm sure you will have noted a room full of people screaming and singing dancing and all having a great time, completely entertained by a great live band. The guy writing the review obviously did not a Terrorvision fan at all, maybe terrorvision are not a stadium filling band but even a man with one eye on a galloping horse would have seen satisfied, entertained people leaving the venue at the end of the night!


Date: 08/12/05
Name: Anthony Hayes
Country: ?
Company: Umusic
Re: Rob Zombie's Hillbelly Deluxe
Hey now and hello from across the sea...
Love the review of Hellbilly Deluxe (dlx ed)


Date: 05/04/05
Name: Jorge Musa
Country: USA
Re: Aluminium Babe
Message: Thanks for the review even the band parts we can only get better


Date: 08/09/05
Name: ?
Country: USA
Re: Bon Jovi Single
Message: I did not appreciate Neil Daniel's review of Bon Jovi's Have A Nice Day.
I will be my own judge once I hear it & I'm sure it will be great!!!!!!!!
Love Bon Jovi,


Date: 06/12/04
Name: Justin Schutz
Country: USA
Re: Tina Turner
Message: I wanted to commend your contributing reviewer Neil Daniel's excellent review of Tina Turner's recent greatest hits compilation, All The Best.
I think it's one of the most objective and entertaining reviews of this release. It touches on the absurdity of greatest hits packages in general and weighs the values of Tina's artistic achievements with the fluff of more recent recordings. He also touches on something I think could be described as detachment that happens to large globally-successful divas. This has totally befallen Tina, especially as she has abandoned the one, still-relevant aspect of her career, which were her massive stage productions.
I think Neil's review hinted at this growing detachment and quality slip while still being tactful. I'm also happy to see he noticed the omissions of "Undercover Agent for the Blues" and "Whatever You Want," which I feel s sonically imposing and incredible to hear and was the lead single off her 1996 album.
Her management made repeated promises to me that is was, indeed, to me included on the track listing when I would see it missing, but I think they were confusing it with her 1999 similarly-named hit, "Whatever You Need."
What is left her fans, like myself, is a handful of over-produced, cheese-tastics wanna "hits" that hover between 1.) warmed-over feel-good granny R&B; 2.) Cher-like affirmation anthems; 3.) "adult contemporary" format schmaltz.
I have met Tina and her manager, Roger Davis. She seems to have lost any connection to her fans, refusing to meet a large group of them gather in Zurich for a television taping during her birthday. While I respect what they have achieved together, I think they've both become amazingly detached from what truly is her main power – her soulful, powerful voice, itself.
It's so interesting if you see the way the size and visual spectacle of her stage show exploded from the mid-80s to 2000 and the way her album productions become more and more detached from the blues and R&B and then from the rock and from the pop and now into this weird "Cher" territory.
Her career is the equivalent of a face that is still beautiful, but that has been botoxed and stretched and painted into a weird caricature of something creative and "hip" and youthful. It just feels fake and tired.
It will be interesting to see what she does with her upcoming Merchant Ivory movie opportunity.
Thanks for a great review,
Justin Schutz


Date: 22/09/04
Name: Carl Gardner
Subject: Inconoclast Gig Review
Hi Neil
Thanks for the great review the lads are buzzing, just hope some industry people read it.
The lads performed a showcase yesterday for legendary producer Kim Fowley he's produced every one from lennon to nirvana.
He liked the lads stuff and has offered to produce an album either privately
Funded (me) or with record co money so I'll keep you posted.
Once again thanks for a great review and I'll let you know when the next gig is should you want to com.
Cheers Carl [Manager]


Date: 10/09/04
Name: Matthew Smithson
Country: UK
Message: I am a member of the band Maupa, I recently stumbled across your rather splendid review of our debut album.
I would like to say thankyou for an article and well-written piece of journalism, it is refreshing to read a piece where the writer scratched for a little more than what appears on the surface.
Thanks a lot,
Matt Smithson


Date: 14/07/04
Name: Eric Svilpis
Country: ?
Message: As a Skinny Puppy fan, I just felt it necessary to point out the few errors Neil Daniels made in his review of 'The Greater Wrong Of The Right', Skinny Puppy's latest album.
It's Nivek Ogre, Nivek Orge, cEvin Key not Evin Key, and The Process wasn't written as a tribute album. It was half done when Goettel died and they decided to finish it and then dedicate it to him later on.
It should also be noted that it wasn't Dave "Rave" Ogilvie that finished the album with Key solely. Ogre was involved in this one was well.
Thanks for your time.


Date: 22/06/04
Name: Jim
Country: UK
Re: Your hideously ignorant review of "Racecar is racecar backwards"
Message: Naturally you're entitled to your own opinion, but when professionally reviewing CDs surely it would be helpful if you actually seemed to know what you're talking about before publishing a review such as the appallingly uninformed and ignorant mess I have just read? Congratulations on making yourself look foolish. Jamie Lenman imitating Dani Filth? Missing fingers is BLACK METAL? That is the most laughably stupid thing I've read since about 2 lines in your review. Learn something about music and distinguishing different genres and styles before you make wildly ignorant statements like that. You big cretin. I'd be interesting to see your response if you feel like replying to justify the floundering accusations in your review.
Love and cuddles,


Date: 25/04/04
Name: Richard Pettiefer
Country: UK
Message: I never thought I would see the day this site gave a Marillion album a good review...I'll be damned!!
Richard Pettifer



Date: 1 July 2009
Name: TSM
Subject: Equal Loudness Curve – Fireworks Review
Hey thanks, that's a fucking great review! This guy listened to the album...and he got it, totally. I'd like to marry his sister.
Thanks, man...Trev


Date: 09/01/06
Name: M.E.
Subject: Hail Neil from Overlorde!
Hail Neil!
M.E. here. How are you?
We hooked up at MySpace with the Fireworks MySpace page (ours, so I e-mailed the page master and asked if you were still with the mag (since you had written the excellent review of RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT sometime in 2005).
They said yes and gave me your e-mail.
So I just wanted to drop you a line to say HAIL and THANKS!
Long Live Rock and Roll,
Mark M.E. Edwards
Flying V/Overlorde


Date: 29/09/04
Name: Joseph Cumbo
Subject: Sonic X Interview (Fireworks)
Hi Neil...Thanks for the Rave helps to have people such as yourself on our side as we launch our first CD...I am sincerely grateful for your feedback and will complete the interview for you before the weekend...
I am glad you liked the CD and thanks for having Sonic X as part of your next issue...I look forward to seeing the issue.


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