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"Neil is easy to work with from a publisher's perspective. He always delivers his manuscripts on time, has a good contact book for interviews and forewords, normally has access to some interesting pictures and is passionate about heavy rock."

Phil Godsell, Publisher & Editor at Soundcheck Books


"Neil has a real passion for his writing which is great to see and he also as an amazing ability to conjure up great memorabilia and photos that really add to each story."

– Martin Roach, Publisher at Independent Music Press


"Neil wrote for us at Fireworks for quite a few years, and I was always impressed by his meticulous attention to detail and turn of phrase. It was no surprise to see him going on to write many well received books in our genre, several which I have enjoyed reading myself, and I'm sure there will be many great works still to come."

 Bruce Mee, Publisher & Editor at Fireworks Magazine


“UK classic rock expert Neil Daniels has been quickly, methodically making a name for himself as one of the most prolific and academic of rock biog penners…”

Martin Popoff, Author


“Daniels really gets under the skin of the rock ’n’ roll industry…”

Joel McIver, Author


“…this man obviously takes his rock ’n’ roll very seriously!”

Greg Prato, Author


“Neil is an outstanding music writer/author with a great skill for details and facts. His work has great flow and is very entertaining to read. I can highly recommend Neil’s work and services.”

Janne Stark, Author, Musician (Stark Music)


“Neil Daniels is a rock and roll warrior who writes from the heart. He is one of the few and mighty who are daring to keep music that matters in the limelight!”

Jeb Wright, Classic Rock Revisited


“Neil is a one of the leading authorities on rock and metal. His books on Judas Priest, Journey and more are well researched and show a passion for the subject material. I look forward to reading more of Neil’s work in the future.”

Dean Pedley, Fireworks, Midlands Rocks and Sea Of Tranquility


“Neil wrote some very impressive CD reviews for GRTR! showing an in depth knowledge of bands but at the same time still having that air of a fan and the excitement that goes with that, when hearing new music from one of your favourate bands. He is also the author of various books including an absorbing series of interviews he has conducted with various rock stars and journalists.”

Jason Ritchie, News and Reviews Editor at Get Ready To Rock!


“I’ve read much of Neil’s work. He’s very in depth and offers insights not often found in books (about heavy metal artists). I look forward to what he will unleash in the future.”

Kenneth Morrison, Power and Fury Entertainment


“[Daniels gives] an insight into the minds of some of rock ’n’ roll’s greatest characters…”

Malcolm Dome, Total Rock Radio


“Neil Daniels is fast gaining a reputation as one of the leading rock scribes around.”

Mick Burgess, Metal Express Radio


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